Horse Camp at White Horse Polo Ranch

Start off at a trot
Now move into a canter
Now it’s time to BLAST

Horse camp at White Horse Polo Ranch teaches you understanding between horse and rider.  Throughout the week you learn various techniques in how to improve your riding along with understand what your horse needs or why he/she acts a certain way.  You also learn about the sport Polo, in which at the end of the week you can participate in a game.  You also make new friends or get to know your friends better.

If your lucky you get to spend time with your favorite horse, for me its Policy.  When she first came to the ranch I was kind of scared of her because she was very tall and a former race horse.  When I first rode her it was kind of scary because I was higher off the ground than I was used to.  I didn’t ride her for awhile, but once I saw other people ride her I decided to try again.  Now she and I are best buddies and we both love to blast around the outside of the arena and go on trails rides together.  I also enjoy learning to play polo on Policy.

Horse camp is a fun and educational experience.  It’s also a great summer activity if you love being around horses like I do!  Susan Harris is a great instructor and makes every day at horse camp fun while you are learning to understand and care for the horses.  Each day throughout the week you will learn something new and then you can’t wait for the next day and what you will learn next.

Abigail Purdy, age 13.