Lakeside Polo Club Welcomes Young Beginners – 2009

On the first two Fridays in August of 2009, Lakeside Polo Club bubbled
over with enthusiasm as students ranging from 8 -17 years of age took the
field for the first time. Susan Harris of White Horse Ranch in Escondido,
Ca and Vice President of the Lakeside club, coached the kids in horse and
polo camp Monday through Thursday of each week. On Friday the boys and
girls played their first games on the emerald green turf.

Thanks to the generosity of Kip Hering and the Lakeside Polo Club young
players from all around San Diego County experienced the thrill of riding
across the smooth grass field, passing the ball to a teammate and scoring
a goal. Before mounting their steeds, students played foot mallet polo
to review the basic rules. All of the students learned to tack up their
own mounts, tie tails and wrap legs. The thrill of polo filled these young
hearts and I’m sure we will be seeing many of them in the interscholastic
program in the near future.