Horse Summer Camp

Horse camp is usually a once a year event in June over a week long period, but can happen more than once with enough interest.

Horse camp includes a range of skills that will benefit the average person looking into future ownership or management of horses while also working on riding skills. It doesnt matter your level of riding ability, anyone is able to join horse camp.

During horse camp, you will experience a number of things, ranging from general riding skills, to basic horse care. You’ll learn what goes into caring for a horse, the feed amount and any supplements they need, as well as the grooming and pasture turn-out. In addition to horse care, you’ll learn about tack care as well! Its super important to take good care of your tack.

You’ll further your riding experience through daily riding, both in tack and bareback. Its your choice which you do. There typically is two off property days, one at fiesta island for a beach ride, and the other to Poway Polo club to practice the polo skills you learned in the prior days. While at poway, we can also set up other fun things, like jumps, poles for pole bending, and barrels for barrel racing. Theres all kinds of fun stuff to do at horse camp!